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Ethraa is one of the growing global renewable energy efficient solution providers. Our aim is to make the world cleaner and healthier by utilizing clean renewable energy. Ethraa assists in the development, construction, and operation of any sort of a renewable energy project.

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Ethraa put emphasis on the use of clean energy and aims to deliver turnkey renewable energy solutions to customers & communities at an affordable cost. With Ethraa you can innovate, design, build & operate. Ethraa solves the energy challenges consumer and communities are facing by providing affordable, clean energy solutions.

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Established in 2017, Ethraa keenly seeks to utilize Saudi Arabia’s ideal environment and various unexploited renewable energy resources with the help of our German Partner Al.mand Group.

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Why Choose us?

  • Empowering communities and consumers with clean energy
  • Understand the scarcity of resources and adopting renewable energy solutions to fulfill the demand
  • Environment-friendly & Cost-effective Solutions
  • Innovative Research & Development team
  • 24/7 Global Support

Ethraa focuses on implementing the latest technologies in renewable energy to deliver a sustainable solution to its customers & communities.

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Solar energy plants have become imperative for Saudi Arabian future, and its vision of a thriving economy. Saudi Arabia has heavily depended...
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Time-of-use(TOU) pricing is applied to time slabs consisting of off-peak time and on peak time. It gives a holistic picture of the...
Excess solar energy needs to be stored somehow. Net metering expedites that process by running your excess electricity through the grid; reducing...
Solar panel installation and solar efficiency have come a long way in terms of cost-effectiveness. Renewable energy, in general, has been implemented...
Determining your total savings on a PV panel installation is a complicated process. It involves multiple factors such as the cost of...
The desire to create sustainable power sources to help supplant petroleum-based products has inspired considerable scientific research.
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Since ages, we have been listening to the term, “Cool Sun”. Ever wonder what does it actually mean??? Generally, the air conditioners...
Innovation in any economy is the engine of growth. When an economy is bombarded with creative and innovative solutions to hone economic...
Clean and renewable energy is the future of the power sector as Tom Steyer once said, “Renewable energy is a clear winner...
High energy demand in Saudi Arabia is associated with the ever rising requirement of air-conditioners which in turn demands higher electricity consumption...
Photovoltaic is a process of converting light energy into electricity using solar cells as semiconductors. The silicon photovoltaic cell was first developed...
The landscape of renewable resources is rapidly evolving and we will see a huge shift in the energy sector.
Solar thermal energy is the energy collected from the sun and used to generate heat. This heat is usually concentrated using mirrors...
Solar energy is the heat and light we get from the Sun, it is renewable, widely available and clean providing enough energy...
Using clean and sustainable energy resources are the only way we can preserve the planet Earth. This leads to the consideration of...
When used properly, solar energy is what this world greatly needs to ensure that everyone has access to power that is...
Focusing on the current situation it is high time for us to know the importance of renewable energy sources and adopt the...
In recent years, we have seen a significant growth of large-scale and distributed segments of solar energy solutions, shifting the attention of...

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