10 Interesting Facts about Solar Energy

solar power

Solar and geothermal energy is rapidly replacing fossil fuel-driven energy on a global scale. Individuals over time have become aware of the endless advantages of using solar. In spite of this shift to alternative energy, people are still unaware of many of its aspects. Here are a few facts that will provide further information.

  • 1. Invention of the first Solar Panel Cells in 1941

    Alexandre Edmond Becquerel was the first to discover the photovoltaic effect in 1839. In 1941 Russell Ohl made the first solar panel, whereas Bell Laboratories produced the first commercial panel in 1954. Over time Companies like Ethraa have continued solar power production.

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  • 2. Most Abundant Source of Energy

    The potential of solar energy is endless. If we were to utilize an hour’s worth of energy emanating from the sun to all parts of the Earth, we could potentially fulfill the world’s energy demands for a year.

  • 3. Generation of electricity without Direct Sunlight

    Solar panels don’t require direct sunlight; in fact, they can still function if clouds obstruct the sun or even by receiving the beams at an angle. The panels can convert different parts of the sunlight’s spectrum.

  • 4. Provision of Solar is Faster than Other Sources

    Setting up a solar power plant is quick compared to traditional fossil fuel plants and even other renewable energy facilities. This, in particular, is helpful when there is a requirement of a fast provision of electricity after natural disasters. As a result, multiple small scale solar energy companies emerge.

  • 5. Solar Power can Fuel Vehicles

    Solar is not limited to electricity generation; in fact, it can even power vehicles. In addition to cars, they can also power trains, airplanes, and even spaceships.

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  • 6. A 100 Tons of CO2 Savings

    People are aware of the fact that solar energy prevents C02 emissions but are unaware of the extent of its savings. A solar-powered home can save up to 100 tons of CO2 over 30 years.

  • 7. Solar Power Plants have a Life of 40 Years and Above

    A solar power plant has a useable life of 40-50 years, making the return on investment high. The infrastructure, in particular, can be easily replaced with innovative and more efficient modules overtime at a low cost.

  • 8. Free of Noise Pollution

    Most people are aware of the fact that solar energy is free of air pollution, but in reality, it’s also noise pollution-free. As the system is not composed of any moving machinery, so no noise pollution is created.

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  • 9. Community Level Solar Systems

    Installation of the solar panel systems can also be at the community level . This ensures that every household does not have to invest in their personal system and instead can use power generated from the community solar panels system.

  • 10. Negligible Maintenance Costs

    Solar Panels hardly require any maintenance. The main concerns are to keep the panels clean and to prevent shade. A rooftop system on a slanted roof can ensure the rain keeps the panels clean.

This information on solar energy would assist consumers in deciding to go solar. Ethraa, as a renewable energy solutions provider, can help you acquire your first solar panel system to manage your energy usage.  Contact us for further information on acquiring your first solar power system.


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