5 Ways You Can Install and Operate Solar Panel Efficiently

solar panel

Solar panel installation and solar efficiency have come a long way in terms of cost-effectiveness. Renewable energy, in general, has been implemented as a way to curb greenhouse gases.

Countries have finally started incentivizing solar panel adoption in residential and commercial spaces. Clear thinking and planning on consumer-side is required to get the optimum return on investment(ROI) that makes solar panels worth investing in.

Solar panel efficiency is segregated into two frameworks:

  1. Mean electrical output from the solar panels over the lifecycle of a solar cell.
  2. External factors such as operation, maintenance, and installation

Solar Panel’s lifecycle

Solar panels are destined to lose some efficiency as time goes by; as indicated with this National Renewable Energy Laboratory article. A Solar panel can perform at 80% efficiency for over 25 years of its expected timeline. Ethraa has solar panels that withhold such high standards and longevity.

Other factors, such as dust accumulation and temperature control methods, also play a significant role in solar panel efficiency. Below are some other methods which can lead to better operation of Solar panel installation and decrease your electricity bills:

Hire trusted solar panel Installer

Buying solar panels is half the battle won. Installing them with the correct procedures and competent staff will make or break your investment in renewable energy and your home. Ethraa holds to those standards firmly and hires the best staff for support services.

Ergonomics of solar panels

Solar panels perform their best if they are facing south. 28 to 30 degrees tilt is preferred and will make a significant impact in the longer run. Hiring a good contractor will go a long way in making all that investment count

Avoid covering or shade

A solar panel cannot perform if something like trees or rooftops are covering or hindering sunlight from attacking the panels. Even shade from the neighboring solar panel is discouraged. When panels are installed, these things are taken into consideration even though they seem trivial.

Keep the panel at optimum temperature

Temperature and electricity have an inverse relationship; as most electronics tend to have. The dip inefficiency is not as noticeable as the other factors but maximizing our precautions will lead to better electricity generation. The panels and the rooftop should have a clearance of at least seven inches to ventilate the panels automatically.

Keep it dust-free

Dust accumulation is pretty prevalent in Saudi Arabia. Sandstorms can seriously hamper the electricity generation and even damage the electrical components inside the panel. Investing in cleaning solutions should be a strategic component of your solar panel installation. Ethraa has a plethora of solutions to counteract these hindrances.

Solar panels are monocrystalline and polycrystalline in the configuration. Their rated efficiencies are 22% and 16% respectively. These ratings are specifically for a 300 W rated Solar panel. Monocrystalline is expensive due to high manufacturing costs; hence high efficiency. Polycrystalline is an inexpensive option.

At the end of the day, what matters is your preference and your roof location. Polycrystalline tends to take up more space than monocrystalline. Solar Panels don’t just help you in getting a reduced electricity bill but also add value to your home in the increased real estate price of your home.

Invest for your future and hire Ethraa to help you take renewable energy implementation to the next level and meet Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision so that our future generations will have a clean and prosperous KSA.

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