EARTH DAY 2019: The Call for Renewable Energy

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In 1970, the first earth day was held to get the focus of all the communities in the world on the importance of environmental protection. The world population back in the 1970s was 3.7 billion which was half of the population we have recorded in 2018. With a 7.6Billions population in the world, the main concern of all the communities is climate change and the future of planet earth.

The geographical structure of planet earth and its climate has changed throughout history. With human civilization, there have been many climate changes in the past. These changes are attributed to very small variations in earth’s orbit but it has changed the amount of solar energy our planet earth receives. The amount of solar energy earth receives today is more intense and due to the increased levels of greenhouse gases, the earth is getting warmer in response.

These evidence for rapid climate change is compelling. Climate change threatens our economy, our future progress, our health and safety, and even our way of life. Many reforms have been made until now to prevent climate changes. Celebrating Earth Day is one of these reforms where communities contribute toward the planet earth to prevent disastrous changes, prevent the scarcity of resources and save the planet.

Many countries have contributed toward the path by going green and using renewable energy resources for energy production. Every Second, Sun produces enough energy to sustain the earth’s need for thousands year in the future. The need of today is to make everyone follow the renewable methods to produce energy rather than using the same fossil fuels. The energy produced with the natural renewable energy resources results in greener earth containing fewer greenhouse gases.

Technological advancements have enabled energy industry to bring domestic renewable tech to the market. With these advancements, we can use Sun to power all of our homes and fulfill our energy needs. By building small, medium and utility-scale solar power plants Ethraa fulfills the world’s energy needs, reduces the use of nonrenewables, and adds up to the planet earth by protecting the environment from the diverse climate changes.

Renewable Vs Natural Resources

Renewable technology can extend far beyond the use of just one household, as can the energy itself.  This is key to making renewable energy scalable, even the smallest amounts can have an impact. Installing a solar power plant is the equivalent of planting 2,400 trees. Ramping up renewable energy would provide significant economic benefits as well as it will help in reducing the intensity of climate change. 80 percent of new electricity generation added between 2019-2020 is expected to be from renewables. To preserve the nature and health of planet earth, going 100 percent renewable energy is a way to go.

The energy produced by renewable resources can meet all the needs of communities, regions, cities, and megacities. Using clean and sustainable energy resources are the only way we can preserve the planet Earth. This leads to the consideration of where do we want to be. Stuck in the dark ages of fossil fuels, or harness the wind, water & sun for a cleaner future?

Earth day 2019 is a reminder for us that we need to decide the fate of our planet earth and contribute towards it in a way that the natural resources could be preserved for the future.

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