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Wind Turbine and Solar Panels in Saudi Arabia

Since ages we have been listening to the term, “Cool Sun”. Ever wonder what does it actually means??? Generally, the air conditioners manufacturing companies and cold storages are using such terms for their branding but it’s still not just description. Many thanks to the 21st Century which came up with the Solar Energy concept through which one can transform the radiations of the Sun into electrical energy to empower their electrical appliances. Above all, the Sunlight is free, yes it is 100% free and environment-friendly as it not emitting any sort of carbon or gasses, unlike conventional fuel. Isn’t it cool?

Current Stats & Vision 2030

Precisely speaking about Saudi Arabia, which is currently drawing 3.4 million barrels of oil daily to meet its own fast-growing power needs and to purify its seawater – the consumption of natural gas in the power sector is a surplus. And according to King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, this number will most probably cross the figure of 8.3 million barrels per day in the next 10 years.

Invest Today for a Green Tomorrow

Here, the most appropriate way to predict the successful accomplishment of vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia and to become the largest exporter of crude oil, Saudi Arabia has to minimize its dependability on oil and gas for its power sector as it is much expensive, harmful to the environment and above all the reserves are going down day by day. For this, renewable energy can do miracles for Saudi Arabia. Even Nuclear Energy is way costly, you can say the double cost is required to produce the same amount of electricity from nuclear energy as compared to renewable resources.

The Saudis can really make their Sun, “The Cool Sun” as they have comparatively ideal weather and enough desert land. Through this renewable energy, installations need big investments and planning but one can do it into small chunks for the sake of their participation in this national cause. Besides the public sector, the private sector has to understand their social responsibility towards the environment and the Saudi economy. The private institutes like hospitals, corporate places, shopping malls, schools, food courts even mosques can be converted to renewable energy sources at a very nominal cost to fulfill at least their own power needs.

It is pertinent to mention here that the general lifespan of a photovoltaic cell, solar panel, is twenty (20) years – which means that if one may get the right product and get it installed from a professional you can enjoy uninterruptible clean energy for decades. The Saudi market has a lot of investors inducting into the solar business by foreseeing the bright future of this technology. However, the incompetent consultants in this field are unfortunately ruining this win-win for some bucks.

“Throwing money at a project, be it a solar project or a tech city, won’t make it work unless it’s accompanied by technology that works and effective project management,” said Wald.

The Conclusion

Investing in renewable energy is a possible yet smart choice as it plays for itself over time by producing the most extravagant free form of energy available to us today. Solar power, it benefits you, the environment and the living standard of the world. And also, Solar energy offers independence from rising prices, unreliable grids and taxes. Apart from the geographical location, one should get a quote to convert his place on renewable energy and compare it with the current cost of the energy you are paying off. This will definitely help in understanding the need and positive points this win-win energy besides such online reads.

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