New Solar System Brings Hope and Opportunity to KSA

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Saudi Arabia’s Outlook on Solar Power Generation

Saudi Arabia has started working on developing a future based on solar energy. In the past, as more countries adopted solar with rising oil prices, KSA did the opposite since it’s an oil based country with its economy highly dependent on oil exports. In the past decade, KSA has announced numerous investments in solar projects but has failed to deliver. Currently, three-fifth of power generation in KSA of energy comes from burning oil, which is highly unsuitable considering its effects on climate change. In the past decade, KSA has announced numerous investments in solar projects but has failed to deliver. Every time the oil prices have increased, the interest to invest in it has waned from the government.

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Envisioning a Solar-Powered KSA

Saudi Arabia is bathed in sunlight throughout the year, making it an ideal country for adopting renewable energy. The government plans on producing a third of its total energy needs from renewable energy by 2032. With this vision in mind, several solar power generation companies were constructed throughout the KSA, one of these being Ethraa.

Ethraa and Vision 2030

Ethraa is a renewable energy solutions provider that provides solar systems to private households, the corporate sector, and government institutions. Ethraa envisions to provide solar energy to communities across the KSA, which aligns with the vision 2030 of the government and would put Saudi Arabia on the path of achieving a striving economy.

Advantages of a Solar-Powered KSA

Going solar would have benefits for Saudi Arabia, the most significant of which are as follows

  • 1. A Renewable Source of Energy

    Solar is a renewable form of energy and compared to fossil fuels, it’s inexhaustible as the sun never stops shining. Additionally, Saudi Arabia receives ample sunlight throughout the year.

  • 2. Environmental Friendly

    The most pertinent advantage of solar is the elimination of greenhouse gasses and the prevention of the greenhouse effect. This elimination would improve the quality of life in Saudi Arabia by reducing air and noise pollution. The reduction in pollution would subsequently reduce health problems among the population.

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  • 3. High Return on Investment

    Solar panel systems, on average, have a useful life of 30 years once installed. The maintenance costs throughout its life are not high since the panels consist of separate solar arrays. Hence even if some are damaged, the panel as a whole continues to operate.

  • 4. Job Opportunities

    The construction of solar power plants can reduce the current unemployment rate of 5.60%. This, in turn, would further uplift the economic situation of Saudi Arabia.

  • 5. Power Generation in Isolated Areas

    Saudi Arabia being a desert country, has always had a power supply issue for far-flung desert regions. However, by setting up solar power plants, energy can not only be easily generated but can also be stored for later use.

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The strategy of Saudi Arabia of becoming solar would be fruitful for the nation as a whole in multiple ways. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, KSA would be able to shake its poster child image of being a heavy user of fossil fuels internationally. As consumers we must join hands with companies like Ethraa that would help in fulfilling plans of Saudi Arabia. Contact us for more details regarding solar panel systems.

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