A 15mw Solar Power Plant At Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia

Contributing to the Saudi Vision-2030 for Renewable Energy

Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia (May 9, 2019) – Ethraa, one of the leading global renewable energy solutions providers confirms that the biggest ever Solar PV Power Plant at Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia is 95% completed and work in progress is speeding up. According to the developers, the 15MW Solar PV Power Plant will be operational within the next few weeks.

Ethraa is building the commercial PV Power plant as the main contractor. With a worldwide network of participating suppliers and distributors, the direction of Ethraa to contribute towards the vision2030 is phenomenal. A dedicated team of 12 Engineers, 6 Foreman and more than 50 Workers contributed in the 15MW Power Plant, on the commercial site for the accomplishment of this project.

According to the new Saudi renewable energy strategy, the solar target for 2023 has been raised from 5.9 GW to 20 GW, with the aim for renewables to be utilized for energy production.

“Renewable energy is the future and it is the high time to harness the wind, water, and sun to produce energy,” – said Mr. Hushmand – CEO Ethraa. “The fossil fuels are damaging the Climate and Planet Earth, using them in the past in abundance resulted in pollution and a damaged ozone layer, we must protect the environment and contribute towards the vision of going renewable globally.”

A 15mw Solar Power Plant At Al Kharj

About Ethraa

Ethraa in the renewable energy industry aims to provide end-to-end solutions for customers demanding reliable and affordable green energy solutions. Ethraa keenly seeks to utilize various unexploited Saudi Arabia’s Renewable Energy resources and its ideal environment, with the help of their German Partner Al.mand Group. Ethraa is fulfilling clean, renewable energy demand by innovative methods and techniques, implementing cost-effective small to large scale solar PV plants with a high success rate.

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