Al Kharj Solar Project (15MWp) – Successful PR Testing Accomplished

“Ethraa has successfully completed the PR testing of its 15MWp commercial solar project-Al Kharj and proudly achieved a PR ratio of 87.33% surpassing the targeted 78.62%-CEO Mr. Parwiz Huschmand

Al Kharj Solar Power Plant

Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia (24th November 2019)-The testing phase of any solar project is the most crucial stage after construction. The PR test (Performance ratio analysis) indicates the actual energy produced compared to the energy that could have been generated based on the amount of solar energy resource the site received over a specific period.

Ethraa has constructed, Al Kharj (15MWp) the largest commercial solar power plant in Saudi Arabia. The plant is located 77 kilometers south of Riyadh covering an area of 30 hectares consisting of 45,300 Crystalline PV modules. The power generated from the plant would be sufficient to power up to 4,700 households.

Ethraa as an EPC provider is also involved in operations and maintenance after construction is completed. Ethraa’s team of seasoned technicians conducted a performance ratio analysis on the plant. A target of 78.62% was set by the company however the plant successfully achieved a PR of 87.33%. This is a great feat by the company and adds to the credibility of the project.

solar system in Saudi Arabia

About Ethraa

Ethraa in the renewable energy industry aims to provide end-to-end solutions for customers demanding reliable and affordable green energy solutions. Ethraa keenly seeks to utilize various unexploited Saudi Arabia’s Renewable Energy resources and its ideal environment, along with their German Partner Al.mand Group. Ethraa is fulfilling clean, renewable energy demand by innovative methods and techniques, implementing cost-effective small to large scale solar PV plants with a high success rate. Contact us for more information.


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