Development Phase of the 15MW Solar Power Plant Completed!

Renewable Energy Solutions for Sustainable Energy Production 

Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia (June 11, 2019) – Ethraa, The leading global renewable energy solutions provider; confirmed that they are done with the development phase of the biggest every solar power plant at Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia. The authorities confirmed that the solar power plant is under the testing phase and will be operational in the next few weeks. The total production capacity of the solar power plant will be 15MW and it will be providing energy to a globally renowned brand having the production units in Saudi Arabia.

Being the main contractor for the project, Ethraa also confirmed that this is the biggest ever solar power plant that will be independently operating and fulfilling the energy needs for the unmentioned renowned brand. The authorities also confirmed that they will reveal the brand behind it once the solar power plant is fully operational. The future planning and strategy include net metering from the plant to nearby areas, to cope up with the installation cost and get benefited with their own energy production.

In 2019, 80% of Renewables are being utilized for energy production. Saudi Arabia is top of the list among the other countries that have adopted renewable energy resources for energy production. Saudi Arabia is all set to meet the 20230 solar targets of 20GW and prepare themselves to achieve the sustainability vision of 2030. Many companies are coming forward to play their part and Ethraa is proud to be one of them.

15MW Solar Power Plant

“Sustainable energy production is the key to a future where the energy demand and supply gap will be reduced to a zero. Renewable resources are effective for energy production as they are present abundantly in the environment and just needs to be efficiently utilized. Once we make Saudi Arabia 100% renewable there is no other goal that would be hard for us as a nation to achieve”. Said Mr. Hushmand – CEO Ethraa. “We should all come together in the race of fighting with the diverse climate changes and make solar energy is a ray of hope for a sustainable cleaner, greener future”

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