Take Control of Your Energy Use with Ethraa’s Solar Power System

How do Solar Panels Work?

In the past decade, an increasing number of households and businesses are adopting solar energy as an alternative form of energy. The aim being to tackle the skyrocketing electricity costs, also to contribute to a sustainable world.  Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that absorb the sunlight and produce direct current (DC) before converting it into alternating current (AC). An inverter makes this conversion.

Installation Process

For individuals considering a solar panel system for their home or business, multiple solar panel companies exist that offer complete solutions depending on the individual’s need. In Saudi Arabia, Ethraa is a rising renewable energy solutions provider that offers a diversified product offering, meeting each individual’s needs. The guide below provides a complete verview of implementing a solar power system.

  • 1. Due Diligence

    Conducting due diligence would be imperative to ensure that the project meets all the requirements and runs smoothly. The first step would be to ensure that sufficient space is available for a solar rooftop system and receives optimal sunlight. Next, the household/business’s energy needs will have to be audited to know the exact requirements in advance. Lastly, the client decides regarding the installation of the specific solar module as panels come in multiple sizes and efficiency levels. However, companies like Ethraa provide consultancy services to finalize such details.

  • 2. Engineering and Design

    In this stage, the appointed installer will develop the permit drawings, which after the client’s approval, is finalized initiating construction. Most solar providers, like Ethraa, handle the permitting process on behalf of the client. The jurisdictions regarding solar systems would vary depending on the area and are usually anticipated in advance by the solar providers selected. Since Ethraa is an EPC provider, it would handle all the requirements for the client.

  • 3. Construction and Commissioning

    In this stage, the installation begins, the duration of which would vary for each project. In addition to the actual construction site, a staging area is set up to store equipment before its installation. Rooftop installations are generally the shortest in duration, lasting between 5 to 6 weeks, but may limit access to the building for safety reasons. The requirement for ground-mounted systems is 6 to 8 weeks. Additionally, clearing of vegetation is imperative from the installation site. Once all the construction is completed and inspected by the relevant jurisdictional authority, permission to operate (PTO) is received.

  • 4. Operations and Maintenance

    In the final step, after the successful running of the solar panel system, Ethraa provides an after service for its operation and maintenance. This service would include performance optimization and managing breakdowns by a group of highly trained technicians. The initial contract would specify the details. These services would ensure a long usable life for the system installed.

Understanding these steps can make the whole process of installing a solar energy system less daunting. Ethraa guides the clients throughout the process, making it a seamless process.

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