The Cost of Installing PV Panels And Your Savings

pv panel installation

Determining your total savings on a PV panel installation is a complicated process. It involves multiple factors such as the cost of electricity per unit. PV panel installation method which includes direct, deferred or leases payments. Your local or national laws that incentivize solar energy adoption all play a significant role.

The Installation is sure to provide instant returns as soon as it is implemented. If maintained properly, PV installation has the capacity to greatly alter your electricity bill as fewer units are expended from the grid and more from your in-house electricity maker.

Having proper consultation throughout this process can make or break your savings. This is where Ethraa can help you make sure that the installation can provide maximum value. Ethraa has expertise in Commercial and household PV installations and will make sure that you need renewable energy installation in the first place.

Properly sun-lit roof and local policies that promote solar installations are the key to profound savings with solar panels.

Financial Benefits of PV installation

Well maintained solar panels can help a consumer lock electricity prices. Electricity generated by grids is subject to increase year over year due to oil prices and inflation. Electricity generated by PV panels can only be made at a fixed tariff. In some cases, excess electricity can be sold back to the grid in a concept known as net metering.

PV installation can greatly increase the real-estate price of your home or building. According to recent surveys, your home’s worth can increase by up to 4% with a PV installation depending on the area you live in. Consult with an Ethraa representative to know the real cost of your home after installation.

A solar panel is the best home investment a consumer can make. An investment that can actually help you increase your real estate’s worth and considerably decrease your electricity bill. Ethraa knows this and can actually help you make better decisions.

Is Your House viable for solar panels?

Having a solar panel is great for aesthetic purposes but its real value shines when you know it is cost-effective and actually do what it is intended to do. Ethraa shines some light onto some ideas that a consumer should know before heading off into PV panel installation.

Having a proper roof can make or break your savings. We, at Ethraa promote sturdy and tough roofs which can which are made of concrete tiles or cement laden open roofs with no sunlight blockage. Considering an average life expectancy of at least 20 to 25 years for solar panels, the rooftop should be in pristine condition.

Electricity bills that exceed at least 280 Saudi Riyals on a monthly bases are a minimum threshold for maximum savings on an Installation. Choosing areas where electricity is expensive such as commercial is the perfect hosting ground for solar PV panels as well as residential areas with big monthly expenditures.

Saudi Arabia is the perfect location for any kind of solar installation with a hot and dry climate helping maximize solar installations. Houses facing south or a roof angle that is facing south are the best candidates for maximum solar irradiation. Having durable panels is the number one priority in Saudi Arabia with unpredictable weather patterns which include sandstorms and hail. Ethraa boasts some of the finest and durable PV panels that keep consumers happy and their electricity bills low.


Solar PV panel installation has the potential to help you ease your budgetary needs. It needs the right set of conditions and requirements to perform as advertised above. Ethraa can help you with all of the planning and logistical requirements because it has ample experience in this department with experienced personnel that can provide consultation and installation with best industry practices and competitive pricing. Choose Solar, Choose Ethraa.

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