Wide Range of Renewable Energy Solutions

Clean Energy Leader
Ethraa believes in the need for clean energy and its’ impact on the Global level. Energy needs are evolving, and Ehtraa is fulfilling clean, renewable energy demand by innovative methods and techniques. We are implementing cost-effective small and large scale solar & wind energy plants with a high success rate. We develop, construct and implement clean energy solutions for the communities.
Empowering Communities
We believe in strengthening and empowering our customers and communities by solving ever-rising energy issues. The scarcity of natural resources has risen to danger level and initiatives have been taken to handle the energy crises Globally. We harness power from the Sun and Wind to deliver clean energy solutions to our customers at the lowest installation, operational and maintenance cost.
The Panels
The panels absorb the sunlight and convert it into DC electricity.
The Inverter
The current flows to an inverter which converts it to the AC electricity ready to use.
The current is fed through a meter and then into your home’s consumer unit.
Powering the Home
Plugin devices will automatically use that free electricity you have generated and then switch back to the grid as needed.
The National Grid
Any electricity that you don’t use is exported to the grid that others can use.

we offer a

wide range of services

to our customers and communities

Ethraa addresses complete renewable energy solution right from the planning phase to the maintenance of solar and wind turbine generators. We assist customers with a pre-bid analysis of the project and also help in the bidding procedures of small to large-scale projects. Keeping in view the land’s location we employ solar or wind plants as per our customers budget and resources. We provide a one-stop solution including; supply chain, manufacturing, maintenance, and spare parts.

Renewable Reources Consultancy
Ethraa extends its experience with its customers in adapting and moving to the clean energy resources. Our team of committed and technology-oriented consultants is sustaining multiple fastest growing projects in KSA. Our cost efficient consultancy services have won the hearts of our customers and strengthened communities.
Engineering Procurement & Consultancy
Engineering, Procurement, and
Ethraa’s specialized team plans the whole project with the most professional approach. From site inspection to equipment transportation to solar panels installation, and from building to operations & management, Ehtraa does it all. Keeping an eye on customer’s needs and budget our priority is to deliver the best. Our engineers design it, the procurement team is responsible for all the equipment that needs to be installed and the technical team construct the renewable energy site for the customers.
Rooftops in Saudi Arabia
Ethraa is aiming to enable small to medium-sized industries and end consumers to fulfill energy needs through solar rooftops. Compact yet powerful source to produce and even distribute power to others has changed the game completely. Ehtraa has helped its customers to set up solar panels on their local sites and scaling as per the growing needs.
Operation and Maintenance
Asset Management
(Operations and Maintenance)
Our team of seasoned technicians closely work with customers to avoid any foreseeable breakdown and optimizes daily performance at sites by employing proficient technology and methods. We strive to deliver beyond promised plant performance and offer cost-effective operations and management services to make our customers delighted.